What’s keeping business leaders awake at night? 21 January 2013

26th Feb , 2016

The main issues discussed by business leaders in meetings with their business mentors in the latter part of 2012 and early 2013 are:

Economic Factors

Slow payments are impacting on cash flow and banks exerting pressure.

Retail sector is suffering due to economic uncertainly and Internet sales.


Keeping up with changes and trends in IT and communications is just getting harder.

Also deepening complexity of how the various social media platforms impacts on business and how best to adapt and use these applications responsibly and to our best advantage.

The risks of using the “cloud” putting many off using it and the worry about backing up information securely.

Staffing Issues

Increasingly vital to retain talented personnel and consider initiatives such as- implementing loyalty and reward programmes.

Also, the costs of training new staff members are becoming prohibitive.


Since the Business Owners and CEOs set the standards and culture for the organisation, that drive success, it is becoming essential to strengthen our leadership and organisational skills.

Sounding Boards

The old saying ‘its lonely at the top’, still rings true.

With the experienced ear of an International Business Mentor, Business Owners, CEOs, Senior Executives and Directors benefit from candid discussions in regular business mentoring sessions, on a strictly confidential basis, on all your current concerns and strategic directions that you are facing.

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