Board strategy review facilitation

During the business coaching program, this facilitation is of a strategy meeting typically one day with directors, owners and senior management.

The facilitator should cover the overall objectives and issues for the business as follows, or as agree with the business:

  1. Presentations by senior management
    1. General management set the scene
    2. Marketing and sales
    3. Distribution
    4. Operations
    5. Finance
    6. Supply chain management
    7. Other stakeholders
    8. Current known issues for all above
    9. Any strategic changes to markets, customers or suppliers
    10. SWOT analysis
    11. Budgets, forecasts and actuals v expectation
  2. Consider each of the following
    1. Strategy
    2. Customers
    3. Competition
    4. Operations
    5. Suppliers
    6. People
    7. Labour markets
    8. Providers of funding
    9. Owners

And the facilitator should manage the whole group to rank the issues, which are considered above. This would be done in terms of the value to the business, urgency and trend. Once this ranking is done then an outline strategy with major events or things to be done can be charted as a timetable to implement strategy in this meeting. The senior management may need to further refined and carry out detailed research before definite conclusions are reached on all items.

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