Corporate Executive Coaching

Executives in large organisations and SMEs have many areas in which an independent business mentor can assist them in developing and improving performance. Whether the process is called corporate executive coaching or business mentoring, the end result is the same: Executives with better leadership, strategy, performance, and communication skills are better equipped to perform and develop.

corporate executive coaching

Our Corporate Executive Coaching and Business Mentoring Framework:

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At International Business Mentors, we use corporate executive coaching as an integral part of business mentoring. In a true business coaching or mentoring relationship, the business mentor will guide their mentee through a process of change towards agreed objectives. The approach our mentors take is holistic and covers many aspects of the business and the individual. Whilst there are many areas in which a well matched business coach or mentor can assist executives, the most common areas involve a mix of the following:

  • Transitional
  • Leadership
  • Relationship Building – Senior management, peers, reportees
  • Switch in dynamic
  • Enhancing and Embracing Change
  • Realistic goal setting
  • Career development
  • Behavioural changes
  • Effective team development
  • Communication and Presentation
  • Delegations and influencing
  • Time Management, Balance of business and private life
  • Technical aspects, including marketing, finance, people or HR, customer and competition, and operations.

To be effective, an executive business coach must have expertise and experience in a wide range of organisational structures and business cultures. He or she must have the background, skills and relevant qualifications necessary to guide executives to achieve their goals. The success of the relationship will also come down to matching the executive with an executive coach who they easily relate to and have a rapport with.

An executive coach is a confidential sounding board who will encourage, motivate and challenge the individual to reach their potential, or see things from a new perspective.

Why Choose International Business Mentors for Corporate Executive Coaching?

Many organisations provide internal mentoring programs. Whilst any well meaning assistance can be of some benefit, the effectiveness of the campaign can be limited by the fact that the people providing the business coaching or mentoring may not be entirely independent or confidential, or even the right person with the right expertise.

At International Business Mentors, we routinely select and provide business mentors and executive coaches to executives in companies. Corporate executive coaching is a sub set of business mentoring, in that the parameters tend to always include these major components: leadership, strategy, performance, transition and relationships.

To be effective and add value, corporate executive coaching needs to be individually assessed and carefully matched.

The Corporate Executive Coaching Programmes Process:

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From the CEOs perspective, supporting executives by providing them with a suitable executive coach also has enormous spin offs, such as improved performance, loyalty, improved retention, utilisation of talent, and a generally happier working environment.

Being coached by a well matched business coach, executive coach or business mentor who has the right background, skill set and experience – and the right personal fit – will impact on the performance of the individual and hence the business.

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