Kickstart 2022 Business with a Business Mentor or Coach

03rd Feb , 2022

Many business people have faced difficult challenges over the past 2 years, while others have found new opportunities. Most may be glad to see an end to 2021 and are looking to progress forward. Now is time to regroup and plan for the years ahead.

To help with your forward momentum and growth, why not consider a well-matched business mentor from International Business Mentors? Our skilled and experienced mentors will cast fresh eyes over your thoughts and plans and help guide, support and challenge you to shaping your future. This will be achieved within a confidential and supportive relationship.

Finding the Best Business Mentor for You

Matching you with the right mentor or coach for business mentoring is what we at International Business Mentors do best. Here’s our process for getting you the best match:

  • We listen to you
  • We assess your issues and potential needs
  • We consider the best business mentor or business coach
  • We consider the best personal fit with you
  • We match you to a business mentor or coach

Your business mentor or coach will have broad and deep business experience. This, coupled with a positive constructive mindset, will add value to and challenge your thinking and approaches to business.

We know that the initial requirement that may prompt you to seek a business mentor can be the tip of an iceberg, or the first steps in unlocking great potential. Furthermore, once initial problems or opportunities have been dealt with, other strategic issues usually emerge.

International Business Mentors will get you to list your critical issues, goals and objectives. In preparation to get a mentor, you should prioritise and list your immediate, short-term and long-term challenges and opportunities, including:

  • What specific issues or opportunities need addressing?
    • Strategy
    • Boards, people, organisation or business culture
    • Marketing, sales or customers
    • Growth
    • Reputation, public relations
    • Corporate governance
    • Financial performance
    • Acquisitions or divestments
    • Banks, shareholders
    • Family business dynamics
    • Environmental considerations
    • Competition
    • Supply Chain
    • Operations
    • Systems or IT
  • What are your business’ goals in the short, medium and long term?
  • Which areas would like to improve your own business performance?
  • Do you have gaps in your areas of expertise?
  • Commitment
    • Are you open to consider possible improvements and other points of view?
    • Have you the desire to learn and improve your business?
    • Will you seriously consider your business mentoring meetings and look to make improvements as you consider appropriate?

Importantly, our business mentors or coaches are not management consultants. They are there to guide, develop and support you and act as your sounding board. They may disagree with your viewpoint and actively discuss such things.

Your business mentor or coach will have much in common with you, but they will also have their own business experience and frameworks of thinking. These overlaps and differences between you drive synergies that you and your business can benefit from.

All of our mentors and coaches meet our very high standards of ethics and confidentiality, as critically, a successful business mentoring relationship must be built on the solid foundations of trust and mutual respect.

Contact International Business Mentors today to benefit from the guidance of a well-matched business mentor or business coach.

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