Choosing between a Business Mentor or a Business Coach

24th Nov , 2022

At International Business Mentors, we are often asked, ‘what is the difference between a business mentor and a business coach?’.


Most people cannot distinguish easily between the two. Both offer expert assistance in business, and both have a very valid presence. However, we would argue there are many different aspects aligned to business mentors and business coaches, and there is much overlap between these.


A business mentor:

  • Acts as an independent confidential sounding board for your issues, ideas and plans.
  • Brings their own unique experience of life and business and is willing to share their skills and know-how with you.
  • Can provide business mentoring that helps you to focus and look at your business from different perspectives. This helps you to identify strategies and opportunities for self and business improvement and growth.


A business coach:

  • Is more specific and goal-oriented, helping to address specific performance areas either in yourself or in the business.
  • Can be of great benefit when a specific area or aspect of your business isn’t performing well and needs attention.
  • Will be dedicated to helping you achieve specific goals and improve the performance of your business.


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At International Business Mentors, we use a matching process that involves assessing all the issues that need to be addressed and the personalities involved in order to find a suitable business mentor or business coach to fulfill the requirements of each individual business leader. Business leaders tend to be Directors, Business Owners, CEOs or Senior Executives.


Issues Business Mentoring & Coaching Can Help With


The mentoring requirements for a match may focus on one or two areas. However, typically there are many complex issues, and these will require a more experienced approach. These issues or requirements may include:

  • You need to sharpen your edge in business
  • Transitioning support is needed as you work through rapid changes
  • The future direction of the business needs to be crystalised
  • The business strategy and performance needs to rise to new levels
  • New ideas and proposals need a sounding board
  • It’s lonely at the top and you need confidential and impartial support
  • Immediate issues need a fresh viewpoint
  • Development and transformation are required
  • You want to be challenged in your thinking or approaches confidentially

Whether you have a business mentor or coach, they will listen carefully to you and help you to think critically through your issues and opportunities. They will also help you to consider the business and yourself in a holistic fashion. This business mentoring process will give you greater insights and help you to resolve issues and opportunities such as:

  • Developing strategy
  • Firming on business opportunities
  • Tweaking your leadership approach
  • Dealing with supply chains, competitor tactics and operational issues
  • Understanding your business’ financial dynamics and the returns required to be successful
  • How best to deliver for your most important stakeholders


International Business Mentors can match you to a business mentor or coach who can help you to improve your business performance and facilitate your personal development, leveraging and sharing their own business and personal skills and experience. Our business mentors and business coaches not only meet our high personal standards of integrity and ethics, but also come with strong business skills and experience.


Contact us to find out how a business mentor or coach from International Business Mentors can assist with business performance, give confidential independent support and help your development.

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