Business Benefits of Independent Business Mentors

03rd Apr , 2023

At International Business Mentors, we rigorously assess each Business Mentor and business coach to ensure they’re independent and have no “conflicts of interest” with the specific clients or mentees they’re matched with.

This is a similar approach to matching independent non-executive directors to business. In both cases, the objective is to bring fresh and untainted opinions to the mentee or the board of directors.

From an unbiased or independent aspect, a business mentor or business coach can provide an objective focus from a trusted position, which increases the strength of the relationship and enhances the flow of ideas and experience. This is further enhanced by the confidential support, with business coaching and mentoring challenging the mentees to boost their performance, development and contribution to the success of their organisations.

We previously discussed the importance of having an independent business coach or business mentor back in 2016:

“Special close and fiduciary type relationships are enhanced in any mentoring relationship where the mentor is well experienced, has the required skills and personality to mentor and is independent of the executive’s organisation.”

Independence is relevant today, and we would argue it’s becoming even more important in business coaching and mentoring as well as in corporate governance in general.

Internal Mentoring vs. Independent Mentoring

Internal mentoring has its place, as does external independent mentoring or business coaching.

Many organisations understand the importance of mentoring their people, especially those with potential for advancement and developmental improvement. While internal mentoring has merit, particularly with on-the-job training and imbuing the desired culture of the organisation, sometimes this mentoring has limitations and or isn’t the best solution for the individual or the organisation.

Fresh perspectives from outside of the organisation are often needed to challenge the strategic direction and fill in any experience that’s lacking in the organisation. Further limitations may also arise, such as a lack of suitable internal mentors, limited time to carry mentoring out, a lack of trust, or a clash of personalities, etc.

For business mentoring to succeed, there must be a completely confidential environment, with no impediments to a deep trust between the parties in the mentoring relationship.

At International Business Mentors, we provide services that remain strictly confidential between each individual and their international business mentor or business coach. This confidential support leverages the business experience of the mentor or coach to assist, support and challenge their mentees. This is done from different strategic, practical and wider perspectives in order to independently inspire, develop and challenge the thinking of the mentee and act as a confidential sounding board.

Independence is critical for a business mentoring or business coaching relationship to work, which is why we have a dedicated web page to highlight its importance:

“When it comes to business coaching or business mentoring, your relationship with your business coach or business mentor must not be underpinned with any vested interests on their part. This is because independence from a business mentor or business coach is critical for the success of the relationship and the delivery of desired outcomes.”

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