Business valuations for owners and advisors


Plan for a higher valued business by understanding valuations techniques and negotiations

This is a one-day interactive workshop for owners, directors or senior management who wish to update their understanding regarding the business valuations of non listed business. Such business coaching will help to improve their value and give some guidance on the negotiation process for buying and selling businesses from a valuations perspective.

The topics covered:


  1. Roadmap to understanding business valuations
  2. The strategic aspects of businesses
  3. The market trends for unlisted businesses for sale
  4. Valuations methodologies
    • Asset
    • Income PE multiples
    • Rules of thumb
    • Combined approach for mixed assets
    • Succession issues
    • Owners benefits
    • Properties
    • Intellectual property
    • Cashflow
    • Shareholder value
    • NPVs
    • NPVS free cashflows
    • Shareholder value approaches
  5. Negotiation aspects
  6. Have a game plan
  7. Aspects of control and Value
  8. Do your sensitivity up front
  9. Get the highest value
  10. Valuations process
  11. Due diligence
  12. Informal and formal Agreements
  13. How to improve the valuations through planning
  14. Forecast alternative scenarios
  15. One page analysis
  16. Growth v dividends
  17. Sustainable positions
  18. Balanced score card approach
  19. Making the numbers better in hindsight
  20. Strategic exits

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