Company directors are critical in selecting and incentivizing the CEO and the senior management, setting and reviewing strategy and budgets, offering business coaching for goals and strategies, developing and implementing good corporate governance, identifying and managing risk, ensuring compliance with regulators and tax authorities, assessing capital requirements, authorizing expenditure, protecting the businesses strategic assets such as reputation and intellectual property and also hard assets such as property, also they must regularly review ongoing performance of marketing, sales, operations, finance and human resources.

Retaining and developing Company directors is fundamental to the smooth running of the board of directors, improving each director`s contribution by and to the well running of the organisation and the ultimate success of any organization.

Supporting Company directors by providing an independent and confidential Business Mentor can improve their performance, enhance their skills, and encourage improved contribution and board cohesion and performance.

Confidential support

Confidential support from a business mentor who has the right background and experience can provide you with practical benefits.

Our business mentors will share their successes and mistakes, as appropriate, and can help motivate, challenge and support you and guide you towards your goals.

Your matched mentor will have overlapping yet complimentary experience to your own and a wide background to help you fill experience gaps or blind spots.

Strategic Business Growth

A common request from Company directors is for us to engage a business mentor to assist with their business growth.

  • From time to time a business, which is performing but may have much greater potential.
  • And at the other extreme the business may have stopped growing and needs to lift its strategic performance to survive.
  • Alternatively you are considering acquisitions or moving into new markets.


Succession transition

We are often requested to assist in developing succession so that the Company directors can implement succession in the boardroom or in the Company directors.

  • Successful (or not) board members and Company directors often find it hard to nominate and train their own successor
  • So your business mentor works with you on how to develop succession and help develop the implementation


We also mentor new company directors to help them settle into their new positions.

Other factors such as the board succession plan, corporate strategy, senior colleagues, retirement, health, or desire to take up a new venture often require Company directors to change their focus or position and the business mentor can help steer them to achieve this successfully.

Business Planning

A business mentor can help with business planning in reviewing the business plans and the actual performance with you. And as conditions change, challenging the business plan to be changed as necessary.


For you as a company director, a business mentor can assist you to test your board leadership or approach in a non-threatening environment. You can try these out before you necessarily put these into practice or simply get a second view based on the mentor`s experience in similar situations.

Company directors in Family businesses

Family businesses have their own unique dynamics in doing business within their specific family relationships. A business mentor with family business experience can help guide and develop company directors and their family directors in their environment to perform and meet the business and family requirements.

Getting ready to sell the business needs support

Getting a business ready for sale is an area that an experienced businesses mentor can help. Perhaps no decision has been made to exit and it`s the intention to become investor ready, with a view to either maximise performance or to attract new funding to expand further or both, the business mentor can help with this process.

What your business mentor brings to the relationship

Our business mentors bring a wealth of business and board experience in various industries and are well trained and educated. The mentor will have good mentoring skills including active listening and skilled in the use of our business mentoring processes.

Many company directors have many new ideas, and could benefit from a business mentor through critical discussion, evaluation and prioritisation skills or simply a sympathetic ear and a confidentiality sounding board.

Growing the business

The direction and method of growth needs careful consideration and business mentors with the right experience can help you to grow by talking through what might work from their own experience. This might include new markets, products or services, expansion to overseas markets, mergers, or acquisitions.

We have business mentors overseas who have successfully expanded their own businesses from Australia to overseas destinations. Experience in this field is essential as overseas expansion has many pitfalls.

Your specific requirements from International Business Mentors

At International Business Mentors we find company directors approach us for a wide range of reasons. These challenges are often the catalyst that causes the search for assistance. Our business mentors, will help with the initial issues and as the relationship develops, further issues may arise and the business mentor can give ongoing support as appropriate, as long as you are getting value.

Business mentoring programs across the organisation

We also can provide business-mentoring programs for a number of company directors or potential directors and targeted senior staff across an organisation.

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