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The Chairman’s training

International Business Mentors’ Chairman training is highly confidential, One-on-One and is delivered over 8 meetings, with reading and preparation in between, and includes strategy, monitoring performance, shareholders and stakeholders, board composition, management, relationships and effectiveness. This training is tailored for the specific Chairman (or aspirant Chairman).

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Board strategy review facilitation

International Business Mentors can provide support where your strategy development needs an independent facilitator, so that the board members can concentrate on the strategy development. The facilitators for business coaching have wide commercial experience and are experienced in getting the best out of the group in strategy workshops. This is typically a one-day event with some preparation before hand.

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Board reviews

Board reviews is a critical look at the board and how it functions and covers- board meetings, agenda, minutes, matters arising, board papers, board policies, governance, and decision-making.

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Succession planning

The succession planning approach leads to an understanding of the required short term needs to move or replace staff, senior management or directors, and the capabilities and potential longer-term development required at all levels within the business. The outcome of this is a succession plan.

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Board risk strategy and management

The board risk strategy and management covers understanding risks, developing risk strategy and then their management. The board and senior management need to know how to identifying and evaluate various risks in the business. Then develop a risk plan to manage the risks, and implement the risk plan with investment and by management taking action to control these with particular attention to large potential benefits or loss to the business. This is all done in a dynamic and changing business and risk environment.

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Basic directors training – role and duties, finance essentials and strategic directors issues

Basic directors training – role and duties, finance essentials and strategic directors issues

This course is for new directors or those wishing to refresh their understanding of the role of a company director. The course is in three modules (each of a half day) and covers:

  1. Directors` role and duties including – solvency, statutory duties of directors,
  2. Finance essentials including financial performance, reading and understanding profit and loss, balance sheets and cashflow statements, and
  3. Strategic issues for directors including budgeting, strategy and risk management.
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Business valuations for owners and advisors

Business valuations` training is aimed at directors, owners and advisors of businesses to help them understand the drivers used to value businesses and therefore how to improve the value of their businesses over time. This is usually part of longer term planning and is consistent with exit plans for businesses.

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Strategic Financial skills for directors and senior management

This is aimed at small groups or entire boards and gives each director or CEO a platform to understand the financial numbers rapidly and the types of financial analysis that can be used to support the strategic decisions and monitor performance. This is also aimed at ensuring that directors have the skills to meet their requirements in monitoring and controlling and directing businesses.

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For Business Owners, CEOs, Directors, Senior Executives and other business professionals

We as International Business Mentors are involved in developing and delivering training from various strategically targeted groups.

This includes business coaching training for strategic financial skills, business valuations, chairman development, and a variety of practical financial analysis skills training to support strategic decision-making and the analysis of entities.

We also provide other complimentary services such as succession planning, strategic reviews, board reviews, board risk services.

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