Business Mentoring Programs

business mentoring programs

No matter what type of business you run, the right mentor can make a world of a difference to its growth and success by offering effective business coaching. At International Business Mentors, we offer personalised business mentoring programs to give you the best chance at achieving your business goals. As each program is tailored to suit your needs, we’ll go through the following process to find the right match, fostering a strong, trusting and effective relationship to create a solid foundation.


Crystallize Your Profile

We’ll first meet with you and discuss your specific requirements, assigning the appropriate type of business mentor that will be most compatible with your needs and profile.

Agreements and Confidentiality Discussed

We discuss the agreements, likely fees (which will vary depending on the calibre and availability of the business mentor required), and explain the mutual confidentiality required, as well as the confidentiality agreements for both you and the eventual business mentor that will be matched.

Match you to a Business Mentor

  • International Business Mentors then match your profile and specific requirements with our business mentors to find a suitable pairing.
  • We’ll determine the best mentor for you based on a number of factors: experience, background, specific requirements, the skill and experience required, and personality fit.
  • Your potential business mentor is asked if it is okay to send you their details. If you believe that a good match is likely upon assessment, we’ll proceed to introduce you to each other.


Getting the Business Mentoring Relationship Started

Both you and the business mentor will complete confidentiality agreements before meeting in an informal meeting. This allows the opportunity for a mutual assessment, where both you and the business mentor can decide if the relationship will work.

  • If yes, we will proceed to bed down the relationship.
  • If not, then we will re-match you with another business mentor.


Bedding Down the Relationship

Once you and your business mentor agree that this business mentoring relationship is positive, we complete the contracts agreeing to the terms and conditions, as well as the fees for the business mentoring program. The fees are usually based on a per-meeting basis, and the expectation is that meetings will be regular – usually once per month for between 2 and 3 hours. However, the actual contracts are flexible, and you and your business mentor are free to agree on the dates and times of the meetings so they suit both parties.

Ongoing Meetings

Once the contracts are finalised, you will commence your business mentoring program and meet your business mentor as arranged. These meetings allow you to discuss your business goals as well as any other issues that require assistance. Following the discussions, your business mentor will prompt and facilitate plans and strategies as appropriate. The business mentor will also maintain a brief report to chart progress in the meetings.

Ongoing Quality Support

At International Business Mentors, we offer ongoing support to ensure that you’re receiving a quality service. We’ll continue to:

  • Review the relationship
  • Provide confidential facilitation and back-up to the business mentor in any areas that may arise

Furthermore, we’ll keep in regular contact with you to ensure that the relationship is on track and your expected value is being delivered.

If you have any enquiries or would like to arrange for a business mentoring program, please don’t hesitate to contact us We’re always ready to help.

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