Reducing Executive Burnout

May 22, 2023

At International Business Mentors, we’ve found that managing burnout is a serious strategic threat facing business leaders today.

Burnout leads to reduced productivity, effectiveness and profits, as well as increased risk of losing your most valuable people. Therefore, business leaders must put into place strategies to prevent or recover their teams, individuals and themselves from burnout.

The psychologist Christina Maslach and several collaborators have identified that burnout has three components caused by reactions to chronic stressors on the job.

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Business Benefits of Independent Business Mentors

April 3, 2023

At International Business Mentors, we rigorously assess each Business Mentor and business coach to ensure they’re independent and have no “conflicts of interest” with the specific clients or mentees they’re matched with.

This is a similar approach to matching independent non-executive directors to business. In both cases, the objective is to bring fresh and untainted opinions to the mentee or the board of directors.

From an unbiased or independent aspect,

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Business Challenges in 2023

February 7, 2023

Whilst there is no crystal ball, there are already signs of business challenges inherited from 2022 and new ones emerging for 2023. At International Business Mentors, our business mentoring and coaching professionals are optimistically preparing for what will be a challenging year ahead.

Areas to Watch Carefully in 2023

  1. Lower economic outlook
  2. Insecurity of supply chains
  3. Meet changing customer expectations
  4. Device and data security
  5. Digital transformation ramping up
  6. Escalating war for talent
  7. Sustainability

Lower Economic Outlook

The economic outlook in many countries is high inflation,

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From Our Business Mentors & Coaches: What Mattered to Business Leaders in 2022

December 15, 2022

2022 started with a degree of optimism, although most were still wary of the COVID-19 restrictions and other continuing issues from 2021 such as supply chain issues and staffing shortages. Below, we summarise what our business mentor and business coaches have identified as the critical issues and challenges for our clients in 2022.

Business Performance

Business performance was top of the list, with businesses having to navigate supply shortages, talent shortages and delivering financial performance in terms of profit,

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Choosing between a Business Mentor or a Business Coach

November 24, 2022

At International Business Mentors, we are often asked, ‘what is the difference between a business mentor and a business coach?’.


Most people cannot distinguish easily between the two. Both offer expert assistance in business, and both have a very valid presence. However, we would argue there are many different aspects aligned to business mentors and business coaches, and there is much overlap between these.


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Leverage Your Business Performance with a Business Mentor or Coach from International Business Mentors

October 18, 2022

A confidential business mentor or coach from International Business Mentors will challenge you to further develop your business and your own leadership contribution. Our business mentors and coaches deliver supportive relationships and can act as your personal sounding board. Your matched business mentor or coach will naturally fill any strategic or experience gaps from their own extensive business backgrounds.

Areas Where Business Mentoring & Coaching Can Help

Here are just a few areas where the right business mentor or coach can help you:

  • Critically reviewing your strategy as your strategic and confidential sounding board
  • Coaching you to develop further:
    • Frameworks to solve business problems
    • How to evaluate opportunities
    • Leadership capability
  • Getting you critically thinking about your business,
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Are You & Your People Truly Accountable for Business Performance?

September 9, 2022

As Winston Churchill said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.”

For your organisation and people to be truly accountable, they should not simply be taking the credit when it goes well or the blame when things go wrong. Accountability is critically about delivering commitments and producing the related outcomes, not just doing the job or its tasks.

True accountability needs strong commitments and then positive delivery.

Any business mentor will tell you that delivering on outcomes and strategies must be done proactively and thoughtfully,

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Strengthening Leadership Capability is Critical for Business Success

August 5, 2022

Leadership capability is a critical issue for all businesses and organisations, and it underpins the success of organisations globally. At International Business Mentors, our business mentors and business coaches assist business leaders to enhance their leadership capability.

Good leaders should inspire and develop themselves and their people to engender greater meaning and a gripping purpose. To facilitate such a change, the leaders should foster and embrace EQ and encourage this throughout the organisation.

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Gaining Respect in the Workplace

July 6, 2022

One of the critical factors highlighted by the pandemic is respect. Higher frustration caused many people to overreact, ranging from rudeness to abusive behavior directed at undeserving people just doing their jobs or unsuspecting customers. As a direct result, many businesses have tightened their procedures and codes of conduct, and many have joined an informal movement promoting and demanding respect be adopted in workforces nationally.

At International Business Mentors, our business mentors and business coaches are assisting business leaders to develop strategies to ensure a respectful workplace for all employees,

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Check Your Business Moral Compass or Flounder in Deep Waters

May 10, 2022

‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently’ – Warren Buffett.

Organisations and individuals making poor choices in behaviour or expressed values will almost certainly lead to deteriorating business reputations. This decline can be severe, rapid and punishing in today’s viral digital and social media age, and may lead to substantial damage to any such organisations or individuals both in reputation and destruction of economic value.

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