Strategic Financial skills for directors and senior management

Understand & improve your cashflow and returns

This is a one-day interactive workshop for directors or senior management who wish to update or refresh their understanding of the strategic and financial performance of the business and be able to understand the practical financial implications of decisions on the financial performance of the business.

For example, past participants have valued being able to see all profit and loss, balance sheet, net cashflow and ratios on one page. Rather than on the numerous pages normally supplied to them.

The emphasis of this business coaching program is particularly on understanding the cashflow and returns and the drivers to improve these using a number of practical techniques and approaches, which should enable the directors and senior management to understand cashflow and how to improve cashflow in their business and improving shareholder value how to improve cashflow and returns.

Topics covered in one day training:

  1. Understand the strategic context of the business
  2. Measure what net cashflow is
  3. Learn to use fast one page financial analysis
  4. Do cashflow forecasting
  5. Pick forward scenarios that improve cashflow
  6. Make improvements to cashflow
  7. Improve cashflow generation from products or services
  8. Understand unit costs to aid decision-making & profit
  9. Use breakeven analysis to see the financial dynamics
  10. Manage capacity to improve cashflow
  11. Manage growth rate within funding
  12. Set dividend policy in line with cashflow and growth
  13. Benchmark cashflow improvement
  14. Focus management decisions on returns not just profit
  15. Implement strategic programs to improve cashflow
  16. Understand why long term cashflow is important
  17. Shift to a shareholder value improvement approach

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