Gaining Respect in the Workplace

06th Jul , 2022

One of the critical factors highlighted by the pandemic is respect. Higher frustration caused many people to overreact, ranging from rudeness to abusive behavior directed at undeserving people just doing their jobs or unsuspecting customers. As a direct result, many businesses have tightened their procedures and codes of conduct, and many have joined an informal movement promoting and demanding respect be adopted in workforces nationally.

At International Business Mentors, our business mentors and business coaches are assisting business leaders to develop strategies to ensure a respectful workplace for all employees, stakeholders, and customers.

The Benefits of a Respectful Workplace

Giving more respect has many benefits in any organization:

  1. Increases job satisfaction
    1. Better staff retention
    2. Reduces conflicts
    3. Better attendance
    4. Better work done
  2. Strengthens employee engagement
    1. Deeper commitment leads to more quality outcomes
  3. Creates a fair environment
    1. Allows for the job at hand to be focused on
    2. Less focus on unfairness and arguing about it
  4. Is a stress reducer
    1. All staff will be more relaxed and less anxious in the workplace
    2. Improves focus
    3. Increases bonding between the staff in their teams
  5. Improves knowledge sharing
    1. More trust leads to better knowledge sharing and cooperation
  6. Increases productivity and results
    1. All of the above leads to better productivity and improved results
    2. These assist in reducing the risks to the organization from internal conflicts

How to Show Respect

Showing respect comes in four basic forms: tolerance, admiration, deference, and acknowledgment. Respect can be shown through:

  • Showing gratitude
  • Offering to assist others
  • Empathizing with different perspectives
  • Doing what you say you will do
  • Disagreeing respectively
  • Considering yourself
  • Complimenting the achievement of others
  • Calling out disrespectful behavior
  • Avoiding self-destructive behaviors
  • Affirming people’s opinions
  • Actively listening to others

Why Respect is Important

If people are respected and valued, this promotes a positive work culture where employees are loyal, fulfilled, and motivated to perform at their best for their company. People who are disrespectful of others are less than professional and threaten the performance of their company.

So, it seems clear that respect must be built into the DNA of organizations, procedures, and codes of conduct, and be closely monitored to ensure that these are consistently considered and applied and in compliance with regulations, industry best practices,s, and government laws.

There are many areas that impact respect and unacceptable behavior in business, and governments have legislated around the globe or set up inquiries to make improvements. Such areas include sexual harassment, workplace bullying, age/race/gender/other discrimination, modern slavery, and whistle-blowing. For example, the Australian Government set up the Respect at Work commission with a report in March 2020. The Respect at Work report aimed to provide a new framework for the prevention and reporting of sexual harassment. This report outlined the context in which sexual harassment occurs and current legal and regulatory systems that can be improved to reduce sexual harassment. The Australian Government has now committed to implementing all 55 of the recommendations.

We as human beings react very well to positivity, and this relates to kindness in all aspects of our lives – at work, at home, or in the community in general. A major study in the UK last year (The Kindness Test) revealed people who receive, give or notice acts of kindness enjoy higher levels of wellbeing, life satisfaction, and performance.

It is crucial that business leaders adopt policies that will promote respect and comply with the relevant regulations and laws in all areas of their workplaces.

How a Business Mentor Can Help

International Business Mentors can provide confidential and supportive aid for business leaders across a broad range of areas. This includes helping you to consider embedding policies and practices into the organization’s culture as well as strategies to promote respect and ultimately increase business performance. Our business mentoring and coaching professionals are well-equipped to assist you with these processes.

Call International Business Mentors today to discuss how an experienced business mentor or business coach can assist with policy development relating to respect.

Chris Cartney

July 2022

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