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18th Jan , 2021

At International Business Mentors, business leaders approach us to find them a business mentor or business coach for a wide variety of reasons. Some are commonplace, while others are most unusual. However, a common requirement is a strong desire to have confidential and personal support from a well-matched and highly experienced and ethical business mentor.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, during it and predicting beyond, regardless of the imminent issues being addressed in business mentoring or business coaching sessions, the benefits of having a supportive confidant are considered enormous by those engaging with a business mentor or coach.  The competitive challenges that business leaders face in this rapidly changing business world are stressful, and business mentoring or coaching support can make a real difference to their business performance.

Individually Matched Business Mentors You Can Depend On

It has often been said ‘it’s lonely at the top’. This is a truism that has and will continue to hamper business leaders. At International Business Mentors, we individually match business mentors and business coaches to their mentees, according to the experience, background and skills needed – as well as that all important ‘personal fit’. There will be particular challenges that need to be addressed with your business mentor or coach, such as an immediate or long-term strategic decision to make or a direction to plot. Various scenarios will always be faced, and what all our clients require is a business mentor to give honest feedback, act as a guide, share relevant experiences (both positive and negative), give confidential support, and where appropriate, challenge.

What Makes for a Good Business Mentor?

The main aim of business mentoring is to provide support and development for business leaders.  Business mentors therefore need to give honest feedback and have wide business experience. They need to be encouraging and have the ability to be a business leadership role model, challenging, questioning, acknowledging and having belief that the mentee will develop and improve their business performance. Additional must-haves include great personal skills and clear communication.

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A business mentor or business coach from International Business Mentors will constructively challenge you as part of your development to help you move further in your business development. Call us today to discuss how a suitably matched business mentor or coach can assist you with your business issues and provide you with a trusted and supportive confidant to help you develop your business performance further.

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