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Business coaching can be of great benefit when a specific area or aspect of your business isn’t performing well and needs attention. Due to being goal oriented in nature, business coaching is well suited to addressing specific areas. When you employ the services of a business coach, you can rest assured they’ll be dedicated to helping you achieve specific goals and improve the performance of your business.

As a leader in Australia business coaching, International Business Mentors can provide you with business coaching in Australia that gives you an additional perspective. We carefully match our clients with a business coach who has the relevant expertise to help you with your specific objectives.
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The Benefits of Business Coaching

A business coach can provide you with a range of benefits and help you transform a good business into a great business. By partnering with an experienced business coach that understands the importance of offering guidance, support and objectivity, you’ll be putting yourself in a great position to achieve success.

When you use International Business Mentors for business coaching in Australia, you can be sure that we will match you with a corporate coach who has the relevant experience and qualifications to help you achieve success in your field of business.


One of the dangers any business owner can face is loss of objectivity, but fortunately having a business coach can help. Working with a business coach can provide you with a level of objectivity that you would not otherwise have, and it can be of great value to see things from the perspective of an expert that has demonstrated success in the specific areas you wish to develop. The ability to maintain a focus on what is important and on what areas of your business really need attention can easily be lost without the perspective of an impartial party.


Business and corporate coaching can help prepare you to tackle a variety of tasks through expert guidance in a number of key areas. Working with a business coach puts you in a fantastic position, whereby not only can you only learn and benefit from their successes, but also their mistakes. The best thing you can take away from a mistake is to learn from it, but learning the same lessons without having to make the mistake and suffer the associated consequences is a far better position to be in.

The ways of thinking about business that can be learned from a business coach are also an incredibly valuable. These approaches will serve you throughout all facets of business no matter what unexpected changes or technological advances you may face, borrowing from the old adage “give a person a fish and you feed them for a day, teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime”.

Another guidance aspect of business coaching is being stretched outside of your comfort zone. A good business coach will know what you’re capable of achieving and will make sure that you reach your full potential. International Business Mentors will match you with a business coach that will not only provide expert guidance and business coaching Australia wide but will also challenge you.


Business coaching is like any other investment – you’ll want it to pay off. This is where accountability comes into play. In addition to offering excellent guidance and objectivity, a corporate coach is also going to hold you to account, facilitating you to better deliver results and meet the goals you have set for your business and personal growth. Having a business coach can be extremely motivating, and the added incentive to better succeed can push you to achieve better results.

The Importance of Finding the Right Individual for Business Coaching in Australia

Almost all businesspeople can benefit from Australia business coaching, but it’s important to find the best business coach for your needs. Having a corporate coach who understands the ins and outs of your business, and who has studied and possesses practical experience in your business area is invaluable.

At international Business Mentors, we select business mentors who have extensive experience in a range of different businesses, making them well suited to business coaching in Australia. When you use our business coaching service, you can rest assured you’ll get matched with the right person for the job.

Why Choose Us for Business Coaching?

There are a lot of companies that offer business coaching Australia wide, but to really benefit and achieve the goals you want to, you’ll need to find a business coach that has all the relevant practical experience and is also a good personal match for you.

If you’re entrusting someone with developing yourself and improving your future success, it’s essential that you build a strong rapport with that person. Likewise, it’s important for you to get along well with the person, as you’re going to be spending a lot amount of time with them and need to be able to respect their opinions and views of business.

At International Business Mentors, we understand that in order to impart excellent leadership, strategy, performance, transition and relationship support, a business coach needs to be a very good personal match with the client. That’s why we individually assess and carefully match corporate coaches with clients, giving you the best possible chance of achieving your goals and attaining success through our Australia business coaching.

Contact International Business Mentors Today

To enjoy the many benefits that come as a result of skills learned and goals achieved through business coaching, contact International Business Mentors today. We will help you find an appropriate corporate coach to suit your business and your individual needs. We take pride in matching our clients with the right business coach, and we have business coaches in all states across the country, meaning we can help you with business coaching in Australia whether you live in Sydney or across the country in Perth. In addition, we have strict confidentiality agreements that ensure nothing compromises the dynamics of the relationship between our clients and our business coaches. To learn more about our business coaching Australia wide, call us today on (03) 8686 9192.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Skills
    • Strong strategy evaluation
    • People and corporate politics evaluation
    • Empathetic yet constructively critical as appropriate
    • Good at brainstorming and evaluating critical issues for action plans
    • Business operations understanding
    • Business policies and procedures
    • Can work through risk identification and frameworks
    • Corporate governance
    • Culture and people management experience
    • Experience in acquisitions and mergers
    • Good grasp of the financial aspects and funding of businesses
    • Marketing and sales knowledge
    • Quality and continuous improvement
    • Strong analytical skills for commercial decision-making and investments assessment
    • Succession planning ability
    • Understanding of supply chain management
    • Understands technology and use of IT in business
  • Experience
    • Worked at a senior level in an international business with suppliers and customers in overseas countries
    • Has a broad experience over many aspects of businesses
    • Senior level – would be CEO, vice president, board director or owner
    • Has mentored or coached staff in the past
    • Most likely has been trained in management and leadership
    • May have a degree and/or professional qualifications
    • Continues to improve self and skill levels
  • Mentoring

Mentoring is a long-term process based on mutual trust and respect. Well respected by a mentee, a mentor is someone who leverages their knowledge and expertise to support those less experienced and guide them to make better decisions. This will cover the mentee’s own development and help them with the wide range of business challenges including strategy so they can identify or solve business problems or opportunities better.

  • Coaching

Coaching tends to be for specific periods of time when focused improvements are required. A business coach focuses on specific skills and development goals, breaking these into concrete tasks to be completed within a specified period of time. When providing business coaching Australia wide, business coaches help businesses prioritise their goals based on importance. Australia business coaching follows a formal, structured approach to resolve issues and manage specific aspects of the job.

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