The nature of ‘Business Mentoring’ or ‘Business Coaching’ means we will be privy to highly confidential and often sensitive information about individuals and companies (businesses).
We do not trade in personal information but the nature of a mentoring relationship means personal information will be the subject of intimate discussion. Any information obtained will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Linked Sites

From time to time International Business Mentors will provide links from its website to other websites which, in our opinion, have products or services that we consider as being beneficial and relevant to this business. To the best of our knowledge these organisations practice ethical standards, however International Business Mentors is not responsible for the privacy policies of such websites.

International Business Mentors gathers information from people

In order to assess their suitability to act as a Business Mentor according to our criteria. Such information may include

  • Names,
  • Contact details and
  • Other information related to resumes, such as:
  • Reports, references, relevant articles, testimonials, test reports

Assessing inquiries from potential mentees, such as:

  • Personal Resume
  • Name address, telephone numbers, email address, Occupation, work status, work history, qualifications
  • Additional information including nature of business, staff, vision
  • Reasons for wanting/inquiring about Mentoring, test reports

Provide relevant information about Business Mentoring

  • Respond or comment on specific requests
  • To announce special articles relevant to an individuals business or about mentoring news



Any information given to International Business Mentors will remain confidential. It will not be disclosed, sold, copied, traded or discussed with any entity or persons outside of International Business Mentors.


Mentors may raise reports after mentoring session and will be viewed by the mentor, the mentee and International Business Mentors QA control staff only. Every endeavour will be made to ensure such reports are secure and the mentee will agree on the mode of communication that they consider to be secure and private, for which the mentee is then responsible for the security and privacy at that point.


We will only record your email address if you send us a message. It will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it. We will not use your email address for any other purpose and will not disclose it without your consent.


When matching a Business Mentor with a Mentee, we obtain permission from both parties before forwarding any details about either individual.


Whilst we cannot disclose any details about our clients or Business Mentors – either of these parties may request to assess any information we hold about them personally.

Use and disclosure

Use and disclosure of personal information will only be done with the consent of the individual.

Data quality

To ensure data quality we seek each individual’s assistance to ensure the personal information we hold is current and accurate.

Data Security

Data Security to ensure personal information is stored and used in a secure environment.

Access and Correction

We provide access of personal information only to the individuals for correction.


Provide a means for individuals to resolve breaches of privacy.


Ensure that identifiers are unique and in compliance with state and federal laws.

Transborder data flows

Transborder data flows only to be allowed if a secure means of transferring personal information overseas is available.


All record keepers to be trained in the National Privacy Principles as they apply to International Business Mentors Pty. Ltd.
The Business Process Manager has responsibility for compliance with the Privacy Act for every operation or function where personal information is collected.

Management will inform all employees and other relevant parties that a Privacy management system has been documented, implemented and that it will be enforced and maintained.

All employees and other relevant parties are trained to ensure that they understand and adhere to all Privacy Policies and Procedures implemented by Company and that they maintain up-to-date knowledge of changes or any new Privacy Policies and Procedures. Ignorance of the existence of Company Privacy Policies or Procedures will not be an acceptable excuse for non-compliance.

Company retains the right to take reasonable steps to ensure that its Privacy Policies and Procedures are properly adhered to. Individuals can obtain additional information by contacting the staff of International Business Mentors Pty. Ltd.


All International Business Mentors are required to complete a confidentiality agreement along with our Terms Of Business. Mentors are privy to confidential and often sensitive information. These agreements are in place to protect the Mentee and the Intellectual property rights and methodologies devised and used by International Business Mentors.

Likewise all Mentees are required to complete a confidentiality agreement. The exchange of information between Mentor and Mentee includes confidential information about people and businesses. This agreement is to protect the Mentor and the Intellectual property rights and methodologies devised and used by International Business Mentors.


All content of this web site is Copyright © 2016 International Business Mentors Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved, unless otherwise specified or attributed.


Disclaimers for International Business Mentors Pty. Ltd web site content.

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