International Business Mentoring Client Survey 2012

26th Feb , 2016

We conducted our annual survey of our mentoring clients in November 2012 and had a 71% response rate. The Mentees were asked to rank their experience with their international Business Mentor in respect of various factors.

The table below shows that the factors ranked highest by our mentees in the Excellent column are Sounding Board, Strategy development, Ideas generation, Better business performance and Own motivation. The lower half in the excellent column are Personal performance improvement, challenge, Encouragement & support, considering new approaches, better staff retention and Personal Growth.IBM_Survey

Although Personal Growth is ranked lowest on the excellent column it is ranked highest in the Good Column.

Overall responses

The overall percentage performance is healthy at 55% for the excellent ranking and we believe that this reflects the effort we put into the matching of the International Business Mentors with the Mentees and our improvements during the year.  We are pleased with the over all score of the excellent and good which represents 85% of the respondents. And of course we continue to work on improving our scores in 2013.


We would like to thank our mentee clients for their support this year and for those completing the surveys and also thank our International Business Mentors for their commitment and efforts this year.

General Manager

Chris Cartney

December 2012

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