How a business mentor can assist you to improve your business performance

26th Feb , 2016

Whether you are a Director, a business owner, CEO or executive, there are always ways in which you can further develop and improve your own business performance by undertaking a right business coaching program. Each position has specific issues relevant to that role, yet many issues are common and across the board.

Some critical areas an International Business Mentor can help you improve

Some areas that a business mentor can facilitate improvements, which can enhance your performance, and through you the performance and profitability of the business, include:

  1. Look after your customers, as this will encourage loyalty and retention
    • Don’t become complacent here. Show your customers that they are valued and put in place (and reviewing performance) systems and people to deliver a quality services or products
  2. Reduce costs
    • By reviewing efficiency, reducing waste, expenses and eliminate non-productive processes and people
  3. Critically review strategies and business plans
    • And ensure there is alignment by marketing, customers, product or services, channels, operations, supply chain management, systems, financial performance and funding, people and organisational structure
  4. Time management
    • Review and examine how your time is best spent in the business and delegating less productive tasks to others.
  5. Create a harmonious workplace
    • This is part of your overall strategy to put in place the organisation, people and culture that meets your requirements and will help you to retain talent and optimise staff productivity and manage their output.
  6. Education must be ongoing- “when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear”
    • Attend training, relevant seminars, industry functions to keep up with important issues. These also are a valuable opportunity to network with other like-minded business professionals.

With your International business mentor, these and other aspects of the business can be examined and challenged while supporting you. Our Business Mentors have a wealth of business knowledge and experience, and they are prepared to share these with you on a confidential basis.

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