How a Business Coach Can Help You Build Confidence

31st May , 2019

When it comes to business growth strategies, building confidence may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, when you stop to think about it, the confidence levels of an entrepreneur can have a profound impact on their success in business, and any good business coach will know this.

When you sign up for business coaching, your coach will aim to help you develop confidence in all aspects of running your business. There will be some areas in which you naturally shine, but for the areas where you could do with more confidence, our six step method for building your confidence in business could be just what you need.

1. Where Do You Need More Confidence?

The first step is to identify the areas where you need more confidence. It might not be easy to admit it, but you might have some aspects in your personality that could be improved to ensure your business runs smoother. It can be hard to hear feedback, even from your business coach, but you can learn from it and use it to improve yourself and your business’ performance.

2. Imagine the Difference Confidence Makes

Now think about those places where you need more confidence in running your business and imagine what they would look like if you had that confidence, today. How would you act differently? Speak differently? Do business differently? And how would that affect your business? All these changed behaviours are well within your grasp. See it, believe it, be it − that’s how it works.

3. Small is Safe, but Confidence is Successful

Business coaching can soon expose any long-held negative patterns of thinking. This is a natural process of removing the layers of conditioning that have kept you small and boxed up over a lifetime. Everyone has them, and now it’s time to meet your critical inner voices. Just hear them and accept that they’re there, but crucially, you don’t have to believe them anymore.

4. Success Starts with a Positive Attitude

Now that you’re familiar with your critical voices, it’s time to plant the seeds of success into your own mind and pull out the weeds. Affirmations and positive thoughts are helpful for retraining your brain to think in more confident ways. Write out a few key phrases to boost your confidence and practice saying them ten times each day. You’ll soon notice a lift in your confidence levels.

5. Remind Yourself to Stay On Track

How will you remember to act and think differently in everyday situations? It’s so easy to revert back to the norm. Some people use timer alarms on their phones to remind them to do certain things. You might also want to change your computer passwords to something that reminds you of your new outlook on life. It’s helpful to do any new routines at the same time each day so that your positive changes become automatic over time. Business coaching can help support you to make these changes.

6. Take Daily Actions towards Success

There’s an old saying that goes ‘change nothing, and nothing will change’, and it tends to be true. Ultimately, new confidence will come through new action. Ask your business coach for strategies to quell your fears so you can move forwards with positive action. All the previous work you’ve done in identifying where you need confidence, imagining what that might look like and integrating affirmations into your thinking will give you a supportive base to work from. If you feel wobbly during this process, engage in some business coaching to give you the support you need.

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