Getting the right Business Mentor for you and your business

25th Feb , 2016

When you need a business mentor you will benefit from the mentoring relationship from the Get Go!

For us, business mentoring starts from a sound personal relationship between you and your business mentor.  Once established you will leverage off your relationship helped by your experienced and knowledgeable mentor.

Your business mentor will guide and develop you, and help you with gaps using their complimentary practical experience and depth of knowledge. When you need to bounce ideas around then your independent mentor is there to work with you and road test these inside your safe, secure and confidential relationship.

Yes, business mentoring does answer questions and provides ad hoc help but It is founded on an ongoing close relationship of practical business learning and dialogue all focused to develop and challenge you to progress.

So critically for your benefit our business mentors are carefully selected to meet your personal requirements and your personality and development needs.

International Business Mentors provide exactly this service providing matched business mentors and we carefully monitor the relationship to ensure you keep getting value from it and continue to be challenged.

You can benefit from our many years of business mentoring service experience in matching and developing ongoing successful and supportive mentoring.

Contact us to start benefiting from one of our carefully selected and matched business mentors.

Chris and David Cartney 2016.

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