Business Coaching for Strategic Business Team Building

22nd May , 2017

When it comes to team building, a good strategic leader is essential. Possessing what it takes to deliver the required strategy, these exceptional leaders can attract the right people, train them, and then continue to inspire, lead, develop and demand superior team business performance. If you’re struggling to build a strong team, find out how a business coach can provide assistance in this area.

The Steps for Building an Effective Team

By working with a business coach and following the 12 steps below, you’ll have the ingredients you need to strengthen your business team.

1. Define the overall strategy and how this business team should contribute to the desired performance and outcomes
2. Define the people needed and prioritise skills to meet the strategy
3. Develop clear and common goals for the team members
4. Recruit the right people
5. Develop shared and common values to support the strategy
6. Set limits and ground rules for the team and individuals
7. Communicate the strategy, culture and required performance clearly
8. Empower people to use their skills and focus on performance management
9. Promote healthy and enquiring minds but also urgency to get critical things done
10. Measure the business team’s performance towards the strategic goals. Give them feedback and ask for suggestions to make improvements or take opportunities that the business team has identified
11. Reward the team for the team effort and the individuals for their contribution to the team results
12. Continue to provide the best strategic leadership and measure how well this is done!

What Makes an Effective Leader and Team?

An effective strategic leader creates a vision of the future that is clearly communicated in order to inspire their people, motivating them to deliver on the strategy to achieve the vision. This results in an effective business team that’s far greater than the sum of its parts, allowing the members to achieve great team results far beyond their individual abilities.

However, behind every consistently successful business team is a strong and effective strategic business leader who actively directs, trains, organises and encourages the team. Using careful planning to build a high performance business team, they start with forging the right mix of personalities, capabilities and agendas in order to create a tight business unit that’s willing to work closely together for a common purpose. This takes considerable work by the strategic leader and the other team members.

High performance teams must be created with a strong mission or purpose and be highly motivated to push for its delivery. Business teams are at the core of an organisation’s structure and their effectiveness strongly directs the success of the business. Getting business teams to work effectively requires individuals and their teams to strive for, and achieve, high performance. Any business coach will tell you that this is a vital component for success.

Problematically, bringing together individuals into a group and making them congruent isn’t easy. This is due to many factors, such as the mix of different personalities, skills, motivations, career aspirations, capabilities and leadership styles of individuals, as well as the complexities of the task and the process. This all means that building and shaping high performance teams is a significant ongoing challenge, although it has much upside if done well.

Business Team Dynamics

A strong and cohesive team will work together for common goals in an environment of open communication on the strategy and how they fit into delivering it. They will also need mutual trust, cooperation and commitment, and be results driven. The business team members must understand the differences in their fellow team members’ differing capabilities, styles and attitudes, and know how these can be managed to assist the business team to work effectively as a whole.

In many instances, an independent business coach or mentor can run a critical eye over and appraise a strategic leader’s approach. In the case of a business team, Australia business coaching can give an independent view of the dynamics and effectiveness to see how better business team performance and outcomes can be achieved.

How International Business Mentors Can Help

International Business Mentors individually matches business mentors or coaches with each business person and their business teams. Our business coaches and mentors play an important part in developing high performance teams and leaders.

1. Initially, a business coach or mentor works with the team leader to develop their leadership performance, after which they assist in developing the team development plan
2. Business coaches and mentors teach essential elements of effective team building and establish the initial team agenda
3. Business coaches and mentors help the teams through the process of establishing team norms and organisation. They are often present during team meetings to encourage high performance team behaviour and keep meetings on track

A business coach or mentor can assist leaders and teams on a variety of different levels as well as provide support for individual development and performance. For more information on Australia business coaching, call International Business Mentors today.

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