Business Coaching, Effort & A Competitive Edge = Gold Medals in Business

24th Aug , 2016

There are many similarities in the tactics and strategy adopted for winning by successful athletes and businesses. Take for example the champion sprinter Usain Bolt who strode to victory in the Rio Olympics 100 metre men’s sprint, the 200m and the men’s 4X100 relay. Usain, once again, proved his outstanding abilities to the world, and is the only person to win these events three times – and at consecutive Olympics. Michael Phelps in the pool was also stunning in his performance.

It was not just luck for these two athletes in winning; it was their personal triumphs through leveraging their natural ability or competitive advantages, enhanced with appropriate coaching and their own consistent hard work and sacrifices. As a result of these factors, they were able to hit all their training and competition targets at just the right time to succeed.

The same winning formula applies with business coaching.

How Business Coaching Can Get Your Business Ahead

A business coach or a business mentor will challenge, encourage and support people in business to improve their business performance; together they form a winning team and are able to share their experiences, successes and mistakes with passion and enthusiasm. The coach is there to help drive you further and stay on course in the broadest and specific targeted senses.

One secret ingredient of successful business coaching is making the right match with the right person to coach you. At International Business Mentors, we specialise in individually matching you with the right business coach or mentor. This person must have the right background, skills and experience all tailored to you, as well as the all-important personal fit and chemistry between you both. This personal matching process is mandatory in our selection of your coach or mentor, as without the right match, your business coaching or mentoring relationship will not be optimal.

Just like sporting relationships, a good business coach is there to guide and push you to achieve your personal best – and then some. This aspect of being challenged needs determination and hard work from the business coach or mentor as well as the business person being coached to ensure improved performance and ultimate success.

Who Can Benefit from Business Coaching?

The typical business people being coached include Business Owners, Company Directors, Family Business members, CEOs and Senior Executives. Our international business coaches and mentors, like their sporting counterparts, have exceptional experience in the broad business sense, as well as expertise gained through their specific business experience or journey. They come with grounded practical experience to impart and act as a strategic sounding board.

Our business coaching experts can assist with all fundamental aspects of business and have a keen knowing and understanding of people and how to coach them. This allows them to facilitate and push at the right time to get the best results from those they coach and mentor.

The Importance of Hitting Targets

Sporting and business coaches both need to get results for their athlete or business person. This may mean coming first, getting to the top 10, or simply improving performance. To hit the targets, they need a strategy for training and competition, as well as a plan to get there, including milestones. It’s also important for both athletes and business people to hold themselves accountable for their progress towards their goals.

At the Rio Olympics, we were constantly excited by the performances. But we were also reminded of how important the coaches were – and we saw the special relationships the athletes enjoy with them. Business coaches are just as critical in business, with business coaching playing an equally important role in enhancing business skills, encouraging the excitement of performance, and driving business people further towards success.

Whether you need the services of a business coach or a business mentor, the objectives have a common target to improve your business performance and help you develop. This enables you to reach your desired business goals with the close and confidential support that you deserve.

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