A good Business Mentor does not give lip service

26th Feb , 2016

A good business mentor will give candid and honest feedback to the people they mentor (mentees) and not just agree for the sake of conviviality.

Should they disagree with the thoughts or decisions being made by their mentees they will tell them and why.

How they deliver that message will vary according to their particular style and how the mentee would best react to it.

Right between the eyes, or sugar coated!  That’s where a good match between mentor and mentee, to get the right chemistry so there can be a smooth interchange of ideas, is vital.

Remember a business mentor is there to share his or her skills and experiences, successes and mistakes.  To steer or guide the mentee along the path to business success.

Whilst some business people engage a business mentor as a sounding board, it is still imperative for a good business mentor to contribute.  Giving lip service or a ‘Yes Minister’ approach is not what an International Business Mentor is about.

A business mentor is a facilitator, there to assist their mentees make informed business decisions.  If all the factors have been considered in making the best possible match between mentor and mentee, then it must be a good recipe for a fruitful and successful business relationship.

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