The Risks of Recruiting Inappropriate People

25th Feb , 2016

Does Your Organisation Recruit the Right People

Getting the wrong staff hurts your business

Unfortunately, the majority of large businesses, government departments, SMEs and small businesses continue to suffer the significant loss of time, resources and revenue, from recruiting inappropriate people.

Unless your organisation has dedicated and qualified staff to recruit the right people at all levels, then you risk the same annoying and repeated waste of time, not to mention the lost opportunity performance of getting the right people into the positions.

Lack of internal expertise or resourcing in HR

Even with your own dedicated internal HR team, they are not always sufficiently resourced to attract and recruit senior executives and staff that will contribute, develop and stay loyal to the organisation, so consider outsourcing.

Help keep your best staff

Loyalty is less commonplace in today’s workforce, but with incentives such as training, recognition and rewards, businesses and organisation can reduce their risk of losing key personnel and help to retain their best talent.

Get key executives their own International Business Mentor

Develop your key staff and supported them to achieve their aims by providing a well-matched International Business Mentor. This is particularly of benefit to organisations that wish to develop and retain their senior executives.

Large intakes of staff need good process

At times, big business and government departments have large intakes of staff.  The cost of processing applicants and getting it wrong can be enormous, so it’s important that the process can identify those candidates that actually possess the required skills and competencies to successfully fill the specific roles.

Before you recruit or advertise do your homework

As a prerequisite to recruitment you must develop very good job descriptions and determine the characteristics of the ideal people who need to be attracted and employed.  Advertisements need to be professionally worded and displayed to only attract people possessing these identified skills and competencies required for the roles.

Have a good process on vetting resumes

Resumes need to be carefully scrutinised and filtered to identify only those candidates for the short list who are likely to perform well and meet the requirements.

Test candidates skills to reduce the short list further

From these ‘short lists’, further testing should be considered such as personality, specific required skills, IQ, and cognitive tests. In some cases role-plays may be part of the assessment process.  How the candidate performs will help you to filter out those not so well matched for the role.

The interviews

Usually after the tests have been administered and assessed the all-important interview takes place.  Again questions should be pre-prepared and asked by an experienced recruiter to assess potential and past performance.

Check the candidates’ references and background systematically

Finally, references and qualifications need to be checked and verified.

This is a complex process, but is absolutely necessary in order to avoid the pitfalls of hiring the wrong people.  If it is done correctly this process may avoid enormous wastage of time, resources and reduce employment risks.

Outsource recruitment if necessary

As this whole recruitment process is critical to organisations then appropriate individuals must complete the process itself. Outsourcing should be considered, if insufficient resources or experience exists internally. If necessary, outsourcing is an excellent investment as recruitment organisations can provide the necessary qualified recruiters and resources to implement the recruitment process successfully.

Market Changes for the recruitment industry driven by the Internet

The recruitment industry is a subset of HR and provides good services to reduce time and cost as well as to make better recruitment choices.

Recent changes particularly on advertising positions and vetting candidates via on-line sites have streamlined recruitment. This has been achieved in the recruitment processes by automating much online and represents yet another industry being improved and becoming more efficient through the changes possible on-line.

However, since HR and recruitment deal with people and their abilities, emotions, personalities, unique traits, then qualified individuals best appreciate these aspects. HR and recruitment professionals are well trained and experienced in the assessment and interviewing of potential candidates and in developing the requirements needed to meet the jobs to be filled.


  • Where appropriate you should engage with HR and recruitment specialists to secure the right people for the jobs you need to fill.
  • And you should also consider the investment in an International Business Mentor to help develop and retain your key staff.

Experienced, skilled and qualified business mentors should provide the business mentoring.  Our International Business Mentors have the experience, skill and background to share their business skills and develop your key people.

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