Gaining Respect in the Workplace

July 6, 2022

One of the critical factors highlighted by the pandemic is respect. Higher frustration caused many people to overreact, ranging from rudeness to abusive behavior directed at undeserving people just doing their jobs or unsuspecting customers. As a direct result, many businesses have tightened their procedures and codes of conduct, and many have joined an informal movement promoting and demanding respect be adopted in workforces nationally.

At International Business Mentors, our business mentors and business coaches are assisting business leaders to develop strategies to ensure a respectful workplace for all employees,

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Check Your Business Moral Compass or Flounder in Deep Waters

May 10, 2022

‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently’ – Warren Buffett.

Organisations and individuals making poor choices in behaviour or expressed values will almost certainly lead to deteriorating business reputations. This decline can be severe, rapid and punishing in today’s viral digital and social media age, and may lead to substantial damage to any such organisations or individuals both in reputation and destruction of economic value.

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Challenging Business Mentor Assistance for Business Leaders

March 4, 2022

Your business is unique, with its own strategic, market and operational challenges run by you and your leadership team. To support you in your business, or members of your senior leadership team or other key people, you must have a well-matched business mentor or business coach who is a good fit with your strategic profile and specific needs.

At International Business Mentors, we routinely analyse business mentoring requirements. We then recommend a close match with a suitable business mentor or coach.

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Kickstart 2022 Business with a Business Mentor or Coach

February 3, 2022

Many business people have faced difficult challenges over the past 2 years, while others have found new opportunities. Most may be glad to see an end to 2021 and are looking to progress forward. Now is time to regroup and plan for the years ahead.

To help with your forward momentum and growth, why not consider a well-matched business mentor from International Business Mentors? Our skilled and experienced mentors will cast fresh eyes over your thoughts and plans and help guide,

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2021: The Year That Was

December 23, 2021

As we come to the close of another challenging year, we reflect on some common prominent issues concerning our business mentoring clients. There are of course many other important concerns and developmental areas, but there is a pattern that seems to have affected just about all businesses during this time.

Our business mentors and business coaches have assisted and supported business leaders by working together through many normal business challenges, as well as through the many problems and opportunities presented by the COVID-19 disruptions.

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Sustainability Will Continue to Shape Business Thinking and Strategy

November 19, 2021

One overarching emphasis for organisations is now ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) focus on sustainability.

ESG comes with a recognition that businesses need to generally be more sustainable with regards to the wider environment and social context, as well as implement strong corporate governance to make it happen. This emphasis translates into ESG and sustainability being core to strategy and the development of a supporting corporate culture, acting with some urgency and focus to make it happen.

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Business Leadership Must Consider Their Employees’ Mental Health

October 11, 2021

Great leaders are concerned not only for the performance of their people, but also their welfare, and that concern tends to translate into a supportive working performance business culture that, in turn, promotes better, happier and more productive business teams and individuals. Any business mentor will tell you that this is the key to maintaining business performance and achieving success.

As a great business leader, owner or manager, it is important that you fully consider your leadership role in terms of supporting your staff’s mental wellbeing,

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Reboot Your Business Back to Basics

August 5, 2021

Businesses now live in a “new normal” which will continue to evolve rapidly, so all business leaders must now think carefully about what they should do to strategically meet the new risks, opportunities and challenges so they can succeed. A business mentor can be invaluable for this, providing different perspectives that might otherwise not be considered.

Business leaders must think about the following:

  • Where is your business now compared to where it needs to be?
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Businesses Must Unlock Sustainable Innovation Now

June 22, 2021

At International Business Mentors, our business mentors and business coaches facilitate senior business leaders and owners to rethink their business’s core skills to imbed continuous innovation to better survive and thrive.

Better innovation delivers more successful business models that enable businesses to better adapt to challenging market conditions and evolving operating environments. It also helps direct investment into future growth possibilities, while engaging key staff further into the fabric of their business through the lens of the future potential of the business itself.

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What Makes a Great Business Leader?

May 19, 2021

Reviewing our business mentoring clients with their business mentors and coaches, we have found some critical behaviours and characteristics of successful great business leaders.  A confidential mentor or coach from International Business Mentors can help you become a greater leader. Read on below or contact us to find out how.

What We’ve Found Makes Great Business Leaders

Critical behaviours, skills and competencies are used by great business leaders when faced with material change and stress.

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