Critical Success in Selecting a Business Mentor

It doesn’t matter how qualified a business mentor is – if he or she is the wrong fit for you, you won’t get what you want from the mentorship process. A critical factor in the success of our business coaching and mentoring programs is the time we take to carefully match you with the right person who will best help you meet your goals.

Taking all considerations into account, we go through our network of successful business mentors to determine who will fit your needs in terms of background, experience, specific business skills, personality, and any other particular requirements needed.

The Matching Process

  • First, we crystallise what we think you need by discussing with you and developing your business coaching program.
  • We discuss the agreements and confidentiality aspect of the process with you, including likely fees and confidentiality agreements that you will need to sign.
  • We match you to your business mentor based on what we have discussed with you, including area of expertise and personality. Once we’ve chosen a potential match, we seek their permission to send you the business mentor’s details.
  • To kick off the mentoring relationship, we introduce you and your potential mentor in an informal setting. This allows you to mutually assess whether to go forward with the relationship. Generally speaking this works first time due to the matching process.
  • In order to consolidate the relationship, both parties must agree to the relevant terms, conditions and fees for the business coaching program. These fees are typically calculated on a meeting-by-meeting basis, with the expectation that meetings will usually occur monthly.

Our business mentors have a wealth of business experience to bring to the mentoring relationship.

The Mentoring Process

Once the agreements have been finalised, it’s time to commence your mentoring meetings. Our business coaching and mentorship programs typically involve meeting your mentor once a month for 2 to 3 hours. You and your mentor or coach can work out dates and times that suit both of you.

During mentoring meetings, you are able to discuss how to improve particular areas of your business including how to realise your own business goals. Our business mentors listen closely and facilitate strategies and approaches for dealing with issues and improving performance

Ongoing Support

To ensure your business mentoring and coaching program is successful, not only do the business mentors come with their wide business experience but they are also backed by our support, so they have the resources they need to best assist you. We review your mentor/mentee relationship regularly and offer confidential facilitation and back-up to your mentor for any issues that may arise. We will also maintain regular contact with you to ensure you’re getting value from the relationship.

If you’re interested in taking part in one of our business coaching or mentoring partnerships, please contact us.

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